Biography 3

Memberships Combined Art Societies of Sydney Royal Art Society of NSW Oatley 101 Society of Artists

Biography 2

In 1997 Diana and 5 of her Artists friends, Shirley Hagarty, Linda Simonis, Richard Green, Maureen Klees & Cathy Harry joined together and founded the Gallery 101 Association, later known as the Oatley 101 Society of Artists. She was the inaugural President for 12 years and then served an additional 5 years on the Committee. […]

Biography 1

Diana Garth began painting in 1980 primarily using oils before progressing to other mediums such as mixed media, and watercolour some years later. Diana is actively involved in the Combined Art Societies of Sydney and holds the committee position of Resource Officer. She is also currently serving her 25th year as The Co-ordinator of the […]